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How We Help Begins With Who You Are

At Copper Beech Wealth Management, LLC, we enjoy the process of planning and serving as a resource for you, our client. By beginning our relationship with getting to know you, we’re able to create a strategy that works well for you, your lifestyle and the long-term goals you have in mind.

Our Clients Are Typically…

Pre-Retirees or Retirees

Pre-Retirees or Retirees

Preparing For The Future
Whether you're 5 years from retirement or 5 years into retirement, we can help you add structure to your plans. We specialize in retirement income planning, with a focus on tax-efficient distribution strategies and tax-smart allocation plans.

Many of our clients come to us on the verge of retirement, and we help them put all the pieces to the puzzle together and figure out a plan that makes sense.

Corporate Employees

Facing Financial Complexities
Helping clients retire often means becoming very familiar with company benefit packages and the ins and outs of retirement plans at each company.

Whether it's trying to take advantage of benefits while working, or considering strategies like net unrealized appreciation of your company stock in your 401k, we can help.

Individuals or Families

Seeking True Guidance
We recognize that the families we serve may come in all shapes and sizes. We have experience in helping individuals, families, multi-generational familes, widows/widowers, and divorcees.

Whatever your family structure, if you're in retirement, or close to it, we believe we can help.

What They’re Interested In:

Financial Planning

Developing a unique plan that is based on your lifestyle, goals and long-term needs is the aim throughout our financial planning process. And, because each aspect of your finances ultimately impacts the details of your life, we’ll cover a number of topics, including:

Portfolio Management

With longevity in mind, we’ll work to design an investment portfolio that incorporates your needs, as well as those of the everchanging markets. By working closely with our team, we’ll aid in your confidence every step of that way as we position your portfolio to meet your financial goals.

Retirement Income Planning

The majority of the work we do for clients revolves around income planning in retirement. We recognize that transitioning from a regular paycheck to relying on other sources of income is daunting for most.

We’ve built the RetireEase Roadmap to address this concern first and foremost. Click here to learn more about the RetireEase Roadmap and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Tax Planning

Your financial circumstances require professional attention from those with varying experience. With the help of CPAs dedicated to the complexities of tax planning (or your current professional team), we will work to ensure your wealth lasts and is spent in the way that you intend over time.

Placing Transparency at the Forefront of Our Relationship

When it comes to fees, our focus is ultimately on your financial well-being, rather than to sales commissions. During our introductory meeting, we will discuss any details and/or questions you may have.

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