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Is your portfolio growing?

We'll work to make sure that your portfolio is aligned to achieve the goals you have. 

Have you considered taxes?

We will review your current tax situation and consider adjustments you could make to improve your take-home returns.

What about the next generation?

We will consider your financial plan both in the context of making sure you're positioned best for retirement, and the next generation as well.

You have dedicated decades of your life to your career, make sure you are rewarded in retirement.

Your P&G Retirement Plan will provide answers to the following:

Am I Creating a Unnecessary Tax Bill in Retirement?
How much Money Do I need Saved to Live the Retirement I want?
How do I decide when to Start Claiming Social Security?
How does Rising Inflation impact my Plan and Investment Strategy?
How a Long-Term Care Bill can Impact your Retirement?
How much will health care cost in retirement?

Get your P&G Retirement Plan Today

Adam Wojtkowski

Adam Wojtkowski


Founder, Financial Advisor